It has been amazing to witness how quickly the #MeToo movement has spread out. It has pulled together women from absolutely every corner of the globe, every social status, every profession, and every age, with one thing in common: they have been subject to sexual harassment and/or assault at some point in their lives.

When I was trying to think about this from a young girls perspective, it brought backmemories. It brought me back to my youth, when in a society where men were in charge, it meant that in many ways they could do anything they wanted. They could very easily be seen as a possible threat from a girl's point of view, and unfortunately this is still the case in many parts of the world.

That said, women have changed and gotten stronger, at the same time that men have received a different education and became closer to women. Which gives way to a new kind of relationship and mutual respect that the new generations are making possible.

Yes, there are many abusive men in the world, but I want to recognize those many men who are behind us, women, supporting us, sharing our lives, respecting us, educating our children with us, and loving us as equals.

With that in mind, I decided to create a piece of jewelry that represents both men and women, with a masculine look in a feminine style. 

The BowTie Necklace, could be worn as a necklace, chocker or accessory, as well as simply a bow tie with a powerful meaning behind it.

I hope you enjoy it!