Every piece deserves a second chance!!

When I travel, I always like to get a costume jewelry piece for myself as a nice and wearable souvenir, that will always remind me of the place and the experiences I lived there. As a result, when I moved to the US I brought with me a few jewellery boxes filled up with all those mementos. I could have left them behind, since I would not wear them anymore because they looked totally outdated, but I still liked them and the memories they brought with them.

After several years in their boxes, I decided to work some upcycling magic to bring them to the current fashion trends and get to wear them again.......and that is how it all started.

Then in one of my trips to Spain to see my family, my mom got me into crochet, which sparkled yet another creativity highway and started to play with plastic and wire crochet.

I have been designing jewelry for several years. My designs are often categorized as very creative and unique. My freedom of technique makes my pieces adventurous, vibrant and amusing. I like mixing and matching textures, colors, shapes and materials to produce the unexpected, and enjoy to repurpose unusual findings to become part of my unique jewelry pieces, to give them character and meaning.

The challenge of creating a new piece around a vintage finding or jewelry piece sparkles my creativity to bring the best out of them and to give jewelry pieces another lifetime by design.

I believe in style with a sense of practicality, in elegance and simplicity paired with the right accessories to achieve the perfect combination.

The day that someone looks for an outfit to match one of my designs, will be the day my dream has come true.

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